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Being a Christian  Single, do you believe God has someone in store for you? Have you not found that special someone yet?  Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL wants you to realize that  that person is also out there looking for you.  At Christian Dating 24/7, you will learn great dating tips for single Christian singles in search of finding their true soulmate.

Christian Dating 24/7 was founded and manage by Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL and is committed to helping singles of faith find their special someone.  We are confident that our dating advice will guide you in your journey of meeting someone that shares the same values, goals, and aspirations that you do.

Christian Dating 24/7 is not an online dating service or just for Melbourne Singles.  It is a relationship guide to finding and having a successful relationship with another Christian that share the same beliefs as you do.

Meet Christians Locally

Dating is already challenging enough.  It’s even more difficult to find singles whom share the same Christian values and faith that you do.  Then it’s even harder to date another person who is singles, Christian, and within your local area.  With the advice we share, that person might just be around the corner from you!

How is Christian Dating 2/47 different than all the Christian Dating Sites?  We are not a dating website in the sense that we have members for you to window shop.  That probably hasn’t worked for you and that is why you are hear.  The problem with online dating sites is that most of the individuals are not within driving distance.

There are so many more ways (offline) to meet someone locally that share the same interests as you do.  You may have a plethora of choices online, but how many are actually compatible with you?  It’s not how many people that you meet.  It’s how many people you meet that are right for you!  With our relationship advice based on Christian values, we will share how to meet the right person, how to date successfully, and how to stay in a committed long term relationship.

If you are ready to meet someone and enjoy the lovely experience of dating another Christian, then you have come the firat stop of you journey.  It’s time you meet a religiously compatible person who shares the same faith as you do.

Christian Singles Advice

Enjoy the the advice we share.  It’s always free, so check back often for updated insights into help you achieve your relationship goals.




Christian Dating 24/7 is a fast growing community of Singles who are interested in meeting someone of the same faith.  We are right destination for anyone that wants to date and marry individuals  within the Christian Faith.

Shared beliefs are the pillars for a long term, committed and fulfilling relationship.  Dating advice is based around values and faith.

We provide great insights that is based upon Christian faith. Our advice is geared towards assisting you with suggestions to guide you along the path to achieving your relationship goals.

No gift is greater than helping a person meet their one true love.  Hearing stories of people we have helped along the way is what gets us up smiling everyday.

Success to us is measured by assisting others to meet, get into a committed relationship, and marriages that may have resulted from reading our dating advice, tips, and suggestion.

Read the articles and come back often as we are always revising and adding new advise.


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